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WBR Motorcycles was built on a passion for racing. It’s this passion that drives our motivation to conduct business on a daily basis


We run a Professional National team. We also take great pride in supporting all levels of riders achieve their goals.


We have put together the most respected support programs to help make the sport more enjoyable weather junior or senior racer


If your at the events and meet our selection criteria we want to help you


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WBR Motorcycles Race Program


What WBR hope to achieve by the program –

To grow the shop brand and to advertise our great products and services we offer as a store. While helping deserving riders of all levels achieve their goals and ambitions in racing


What WBR are offering –

There are limited spots and different levels of support available. We are offering the complete package or support in any of the following categories. Custom made offers to suit your race program

• Bikes

• Parts

• Riding apparel

• Accessories

• Bike setup

• Work Shop labour

• Ongoing rewards throughout the year for deserving riders, based off results and how the shop is represented


If you are interested what should you do -

Send in your resume to in the resume please include the following...


• What grade you compete in A,B,C

• Class you will compete in – jnr, snr, bike size, etc

• Events you will be competing for the next 12 months

• Number of events/ weekends you will be away racing or attending events for the year

• Do you use social media if yes what is you Facebook and Instagram accounts?

• Other events or riding you may do outside of racing

• previous year results and events you competed in

• Any other sponsorships you may already have in place.

Offers for support will be sent out to riders who will match our marketing needs and will fit the stores image.


Resume Submission


We are always taking submission. Junior and Senior.

Submit resume to


Frequently asked questions –

Q - Does it matter if I don’t have or ride a Yamaha

A – No it doesn’t matter as we can still offer a rider of a different brand services and products to help there riding


Q – How come there are different levels of support

A – The program is designed to help a rider as they progress through the sport and to also give back to the riders who are putting in the effort and promoting the store relevant to the events and level of riding they are doing


Q – Is this like getting a full support ride or factory style ride.

A – No. This program is to assist your racing and become a partner of your race team, you are to manage your own program with our support. You manage your own travel, pit setup and events you race. Although outstanding riders can be on the path to ride for Bulk Nutrients WBR Professional race team


Q – How do the ongoing rewards work.

A – The riders who partake in the whole program are eligible for freebies and is store WBR Cash. This is used in store to go towards there racing.


Q – What if I don’t live near the shop

A – This is not a drama, as we freight product all over the place and also can take product to race events to save you on freight


Want to know more?

Give us a call or get in contact with us




About the WBR Junior Racing Program


This is a Racing program designed to assist the rider and family perform at competition level, the program is designed to provide the knowledge and support to get the best out of the racing season.


The goal is to develop and support the riders and the machinery towards the best possible chance to achieve their personal goals.


The Vision


To bring individual riders and families together and mentor them through the rigorous of motocross. To create sportsmanship and team comradely between the riders. Teach professionalism and preparation and help the kids achieve their individual goals within the team atmosphere.




Aged between 7 and 16, female and male. Riders submit a race resume and fill out our information pack, Riders are then hand selected to represent the team. Key features considered before being considered for selection.

•Good family with great morals


•Previous results and events attended

•Their ambitions and goals




We can offer a race plan package on all Yamaha models, YZ85, YZ125, YZ250f, YZ450f




The WBR Team Green program is open to all riders who meet our criteria. If this program sounds like something you may be interested in or would like to know more, please contact us and supply a resume. Each case is evaluated and if you’re application is successful, an offer will be passed onto you.


Successful applicants can receive support in the following areas. Make sure you let u know what support would assist you the most in your resume


Yamaha Bikes -  YZ85, YZ125, YZ250f, YZ450f


Rider Gear and accessories – Helmets, boots, goggles, body armour, pants, jerseys, etc


Team Wear - Team Shirt, Team Jacket, Umbrella, etc


WBR Bike Setup – Suspension tunning/valving, Dyno Tunning, Testing, Settings, Parts


WBR Bike Maintenance – Scheduled maintenance, Work shop support


Coaching – Rider on bike coaching, training program, fitness, etc


Bike Testing – On track bike testing


Pit / Race Setup – Quick shades, Team environment at events


Race Day Guidance at events


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